What My Clients Say

“Jennie is a breath of fresh air. I have broadened my food options and Jennie really helped me look at the big picture of overall wellness and weight loss.”

— Denise

“I am developing respect for my body and that is huge for me!”

— Michelle

“I am amazed at how quickly I recover from the daily bumps and I am very proud of my ability to refocus. I am realizing every emotion does not require an instant food fix, and it is so healthy to let the emotion pass intrinsically! I never thought I would feel that way! Thank you Jennie!”

— Maureen

“I have struggled with staying on track with nutrition and knowing what a meal should include or look like. Jennie was able to simplify what a balanced meal is. This helped me tremendously with meal planning. I can now confidently put together satisfying meals and navigate eating out. I am also stronger mentally by Jennie’s encouraging words. I am learning to trust myself and also give myself forgiveness.”

— Nancy

“Meghan is so happy she doesn’t have to spend the rest of her life dieting!”

— Meghan

— Marissa

— Lauren

— Melissa

— Liz

— Jen S

— Sharon

— Courtney

— Erika

— Charlotte

— Jodi

— Kayla

— Angela

— Virginia

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“I have been more satisfied throughout the day and don’t come home after work and feel like I want to eat half my house! This approach is something I can do long term and feel great.”


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“I feel confident to build meals that keep me satisfies, and enjoy carbs while still losing weight!”


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“I now experience much less shame and guilt over food choices and appreciate what my body does for me on a daily basis.”


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