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Ditch the all-or-nothing diet roller coaster

Let’s bring it back to the basics of nutrition and healthy habits.

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I’m Jennie, a registered dietitian and nutrition coach, passionate about helping my clients create healthy relationships with food and their bodies. Through integrative nutrition and wellness, I address nourishment, movement, stress management, sleep, energy levels, and reconnecting with body cues, to help my clients grow inside, for mind-body results. By meeting each client where they are, I’m able to help them create realistic changes in their lives, with lasting success.

Integrative Nutrition
Coaching is for You If…

You are struggling with following through on your health goals.

You are overwhelmed with all of the nutrition information out there.

You are ready to stop yo yo dieting and start making sustainable long term habits

You want to create a positive relationship with food and yourself for life!

You are ready for an individual holistic approach, where we create a plan that makes sense for your circumstances, and where you are at in your journey.

Let’s work together to create a roadmap for your individual personality, lifestyle and food preferences.

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Take The First Step.

I would love to learn more about you and your goals and make sure it is a good fit all around for us to move forward together. Please take your time and complete my coaching application so I can add the most value to you! Once I review your application and it sounds like a good fit, I will reach out to you and set up a free 30 minute call together and talk through next steps!



of Nutrition & Wellness

Create a confident relationship with food on your schedule. The most potent aspects of private coaching I use with my clients in a self guided 8 week program.



Sleep is where the magic happens

Adequate sleep is vital for optimal physical and mental performance for LIFE. As well as your most valuable asset for preventing and managing illness. Often when schedules are packed, sleep is the first thing to be trimmed.


Fall Meal Guide

4 Week Course

Nutrition and meal planning are super personal. There is no right way to make eating well work in your schedule, it just has to work for you.


Let’s work together to create a roadmap for your individual personality, lifestyle and food preferences.

What My Clients Say

“After this coaching experience, I can confidently put together satisfying meals and navigate eating out. I am also stronger mentally by her encouraging words, learning to trust myself and also giving myself forgiveness for times I missed a workout or had more fun foods.”


“I worked with Jennie for six months during the pandemic and I highly recommend her if you need the accountability of one on one personal nutrition and lifestyle coaching! She is so much more than someone who helps you learn how to eat. If you are sick of stopping and starting, trying to follow spreadsheet meal plans, or starting over every Monday, reach out to her and get your act together! It is a personal investment in yourself, not an expense.”

— Emilia

“Working with Jennie is literally the best decision I could have made for myself. She has done more for me than she will ever know, and she is such an amazing human. THANK YOU!”

— Kiersten

“Jennie has been incredible. She brought so much positivity and made me realize life is made to LIVE and dieting is overrated!”

— Caitlin

“It has been such an amazing growth experience working with Jennie over the past 7 months!”

— Katie

“My nutrition, health and overall mindset is the best it’s ever been. I truly feel I have a better understanding of the bigger picture when it comes to nutrition, and that food is only one component of weight loss!”

— Caryn

“I really enjoyed my experience working with Jennie. I don’t feel like I am constantly falling off the wagon, or needing to restrict myself, which hurt my success in the past. Through all of life’s ups and downs she continued to show positivity and believed in me the whole way. I am overall more aware of my choices but also that I can enjoy the foods I value into my life and see progress towards my goals long term. “

— Emmi

“Starting this journey with Jennie was about losing weight, but it has really impacted my whole life. Working with Jennie has helped me not only feel in control by making healthier decisions, but also by thinking ahead in day to day decisions and planning! I have learned it is true, you have to put your “oxygen mask” on before helping others. Thank you Jennie!”

— Jacqueline

“I am able to confidently plan my meals and I am aware of healthy food choices. Jennie helped me put together meals I would have never thought of and they were delicious! My energy is great and I feel strong in my workouts. I realize now that weight loss is slower in the past because I am actually losing fat, and able to maintain it! Thank you so much for getting me on track with how to eat for the rest of my life!”

— Cindy

“My nutrition and health is now positive and natural. I have not felt the need to workout everyday and have found enjoyment in rest days. I have learned so many new stradegies that have become organic habits. I am really proud of myself and I now appreciate carbs, enjoy them and have so much more energy!

I feel satisfied during the day and I am not craving sugar at night!

I am enjoying cooking more and grocery shopping doesn’t feel stressful. My whole family has benefited!”

— Brooke

“Through working with Jennie, I feel overall more confidence in myself, I trust my body and have improved expectations of myself in all areas. My energy has improved by responding to my bodies cues and eating adequately. I no longer feel defeated by the all or nothing thinking. Most importantly, I have built self awareness that I can carry over in every part of my life.

— Jen

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